Modular Adventure Gear

"I find GearPods to be not only outstanding kits on their own merit and by any measure. Their unique presentation and form make them a superb choice for any survival planner's needs!"
— Mykel Hawke,
Star of the Discovery Channel's series One Man Army and Man, Woman, Wild; Best-selling author
"Designed for demanding adventurers with a slight case of OCD, a good thing, the GearPods Connect ($7+) modular system is the OXO containers of the survival gear world. The pods, which come in four sizes stand individually, attach to each other via double-threaded connectors or serve as an end cap making on-the-fly storage a simple, organized process".
— GearPatrol
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"All in all, this is the best and most comprehensive 'bug out bag/survival kit' that I have found as a complete item on the open market and it offers quality items to cover all the main elements of survival priorities".
— John Fenna,
Bushcraft UK
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"I was aware of their existence and quite frankly, I wrote them off as a bit of a fad thing. But after having a chance to work with them,, my impressions have changed. It takes just a little creativity to think of different ways to use the GearPods system, but one you get the juices flowing, the ideas will just keep rolling."
— Garrett Lucas,
Woods Monkey
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"GearPods offers the convenience to buy one product--they start at less than $20 for the most basic kits--and have all or most of what you need for an activity. They keep gear safe from moisture and rain in a watertight case. They are stout and protective, stowing all your small items away, safe and ready until the day you need them in the field."
— Stephen Regenold,
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"After testing both GearPods Shelter Pro and Survival Pro extensively in the field, I was thoroughly impressed with both the quality and the careful consideration given to the design of each component. GearPods now has a permanent place in my vehicle, and I feel secure in the knowledge that should an emergency situation ever arise they will perform exactly as needed."
— Paul Wilde, An Englishman in Ontario Watch the Video Review


"I have found the GearPods to be very well thought out. Out of all the other survival kits on the market today this one is by far the most comprehensive. For use during fire season in the Arizona desert this kit comes with a stove that is safe to use. There are no worries when it comes to a fire getting out of control. The first aid kit has all the basics for handling all kinds of wilderness injuries. The shelter kit is lightweight, durable, and can be set up in a variety ways. I use the GearPods Kit during survival demonstrations and I also keep one in my vehicle. This is by far the best kit I have seen and tested to date. GearPods has you covered."
—John Campbell, Arizona BushmanVisit Site


"The GearPods Connect Storage System is the perfect way to get (and stay) organized, all the while protecting your most valuable assets from less than perfect conditions. Available in multiple shapes and sizes, each GearPod is made of watertight polypropylene and polycarbonate to give your goods the armor-like containers they deserve".
— Cool Material
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"There's more survival equipment packed into this little waterproof plastic container than I've ever seen in this small of a package."
— Matt Finley,
4 Wheel Drive
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