Modular Adventure Gear

New Retail Opportunity - GearPods Modular Adventure Gear

As an internet or brick-and-mortar retailer, you understand best that your customers are always looking out for the latest in gear advancements. And as a retailer you are always looking for the opportunity to introduce exciting new products to your customers - new products that stand out, whether they are featured on a store shelf or a web page.

GearPods is a new product line that appeals to both the serious and casual outdoor enthusiast alike. GearPods takes a modern innovative approach to an old challenge: being prepared and staying safe in the backcountry. That need is universal, making GearPods applicable to virtually every outdoor activity from hiking and backpacking, to climbing and mountain biking.

GearPods offer attractive margins to retailers backed by great sales and customer service support. We’ve even created “quick-start” GearPods Retail Starter Packages that bundle our multi-kit products with in-store retail tools (provided free-of-charge with first order). You provide the shelf, we provide the rest. And for internet retailers, we provide a full range of pictures and product descriptions to get you up and running fast.

Becoming a GearPods Authorized Dealer

Getting Started: Joining our Dealer/Retailer Program is as easy as completing the GearPods Dealer Application Form. Completing this form is required when either applying for a credit account or paying by credit card. Please email We will also provide you with the GearPods Dealer Price List/Order Form.

Paying by Credit Card: To start selling GearPods and place your first order using a credit card, you can order a GearPods Retail Starter Package direct from this store. Provided we have received your completed Dealer Application Form, we will call you to discuss your application and confirm your order. The GearPods Dealer Price List/Order Form can also be used to order individual products as well as Retail Packages.

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