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GearPods Frontier - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

GearPods Frontier is our most comprehensive survival system to date. With more of an extended-stay focus, GearPods Frontier is quite literally stacked with capabilities, combining nine separate watertight GearPods kits. It's also stacked with options allowing for easy personalization of the system: each system is hand-built to your specifications.

Starting with the highest priority of first aid, GearPods Health provides a basic kit for treating common outdoor injuries and ailments.
Shelter capabilities come in the form of three components: GearPods Paracord (25ft), GearPods Adventure Tarp, and GearPods Bivy. GearPods Paracord (25ft) provides 25ft of 550 7 strand paracord (available in various colors) and six 3-5mm Line-Lok Line Tensioners that make rigging tensioned lines straight forward. The GearPods Adventure Tarp is a lightweight, minimalist double silicon coated ripstop nylon tarp that can be used to erect many types of shelter including a lean-to. Rounding out the shelter components is GearPods Bivy, the SOL HeatSheets Emergency Bivvy, a waterproof, windproof and tear resistant bivy that reflects around 80-90% of body heat. With a tarp, bivy and cordage, GearPods Frontier offers all the shelter components you'll need to keep the elements at bay.

For fire/warmth and general survival activities, GearPods Frontier provides a well-rounded kit, GearPods Survival. This self-contained kit contains high quality survival tools and components for emergency navigation, signaling distress, starting a fire, purifying water, and more. GearPods Survival is complemented by two additional kits: GearPods Tinder (with 8 UST WetFire Tinder cubes) and GearPods Saw (containing the UST SaberCut hand chainsaw).

For food, water and cooking, GearPods Frontier embeds the full GearPods Stove System comprising the GearPods CookMug with lid, solid fuel-burning GearPods Stove, GearPods Burner (stove insert for burning denatured alcohol), and fabricated windshield with venting holes and latch. The multi-purpose Primus Folding Spork is included for utensils along with GearPods Fuel, a kit containing 5 Esbit solid fuel tablets. An additional 10 Aquatabs tablets are provided for water purification (in addition to the tablets found within GearPods Survival).

GearPods Frontier - stack the odds seriously in your favor.
In the GearPods Health, a few items may be expired...Since we are going out of business, we are not updating our inventory.


GearPods Health - Comprehensive yet compact first aid kit for treating common outdoor injuries and ailments.
GearPods Paracord (25ft) - Multi-purpose, self-contained rigging system with 25 ft of 550 7-strand paracord and 6 line tensioners.
GearPods Adventure Tarp - Ultralight one-person double silicon-coated ripstop nylon tarp (4.5' x 6.5').
GearPods Bivy - Highly durable, super lightweight emergency bivy bag.
GearPods Survival - Comprehensive range of quality survival tools that cover critical survival needs and activities.
GearPods Stove System - Self-contained cooking system including the GearPods CookMug, GearPods Stove, GearPods Burner and GearPods Windshield.
GearPods Saw - UST SaberCut hand-operated chain saw with bi-directional teeth
Primus Folding Spork - Multi-purpose folding utensil (spoon, fork and knife).
GearPods Tinder - All-weather UST WetFire tinder that burns even when wet (8)
GearPods Fuel - Individually packaged Esbit solid fuel tablets (5) and NATO storm matches (10) with striker
Aquatabs - Water purification tablets (10).

Technical Specs

  • Colors: Various (GearPods Terminators and Connectors), Smokey Grey, Dark Grey
  • Materials: Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, Thermoplastic Elastomer, Anodized Aluminum, Silica, Vacuum-Metalized Polyethylene, Nylon
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs
  • Dimensions: 3.2" Diameter and 14" Height per unit (2 units)

Extended Info

Certain items have a limited shelf-life. Keep track of expiration dates and replace as necessary.

GearPods may from time to time modify the contents of its kits to add, remove or replace components based on factors such as component availability or (more likely) new, improved components being introduced. Always familiarize yourself with your kit, the content list and contents themselves before use.
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